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1.1. Definirea stresului
1.2. Originile stresului
1.3. Teorii despre stres
1.4. Stadiile stresului
1.5. Reactia organismului la stres
1.6. Stresul relational
1.7. Stresul si schimbarile din mediul social
1.8.Efectul stresului
1.9 Stresul, boala si depresia
2.1 Costul stresului
2.2 Prevenirea si terapia stresului in organizatii 
2.3 Modalitati de reducere a stresului 
2.4 Terapiile si metodele de lupta impotriva stresului
2.5 Programe de management al stresului
3.1. Studiul practic de evaluare a nivelului stresului in cadrul D.G.A.S.P.C. Mures
3.2. Participantii la cercetare
3.3 Instrumentele cercetarii utilizate
3.4 Rezultatele cercetarii

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Stress has been called the twentieth century disease. " Whether we realize it or not, for most of us became a habit which apparently can not escape. I learned to live and die with him. Stress has infiltrated all aspects of society and became part of our lives,somet hat I took it as such.
Automatically react to stress in much of the habit of thousands of events that occur in our lives. Since the stress at work became a routine in our lives daily, to remove changes made by way of work and the relationships we have with colleagues must be key elements in all methods Control stress. Almost every service can be a potential source of stress.
The way we look at our work will determine whether we are stressed and possibly various serious symptoms of stress. There is no perfect job. Any career we choose any job I have, always will have problems adjusting our expectations change or the time of contact with reality.
Social change - Political spent in Romania last year reflected an indirect or direct on the economic situation. Psychological implications of these major mutations are the most varied and diverse reactions are extremely psychosociological, unpredictable and often surprising and spectacular completion. Overall, the realities facing the industry today is characterized by a double determination: one based on their economic situation - which belongs to itself and other quality of life psychosocial working personnel. Relatively widespread phenomenon of everyday psychological stress is professionally and occupational stress. 
And so far we have dealt with this phenomenon harmful consequences on our health. (Psychology Magazine has published several theoretical articles about stress and its consequences.) But, as workers acquire new values, with emphasis on psychological load (eg, introduction of automation is associated with boredom, tiredness, lack of control etc.). and over labor issues overlap and socio-economic and political, with negative connotations, occupational stress enhances its penetrating force and its consequences are becoming more devastating to the person directly involved in the production process. 
Is stress a still from "diseases of civilization"- 
Over 100,000 articles and 200 papers on this subject have been published today and, recently, the International Labour Office believes that "stress has become one of the worst problems of our time, not only for individuals who endanger their physical health and mental, but also for businesses and institutions' (1993). 
Stress comes from the Latin word string that is to include, to embrace, to gather, to restrict, to connect, to tweak, to kill, to injure, to offend, and which prompted the French word etreindre, that is beset with body, with limbs, collecting power, this gesture signifies the opposite feelings sometimes, because you can squeeze someone in the chest, but it choke, the choke leads to the oppressed, the press, leads to anguish, to anxiety, a sense of hopelessness that you assemble the heart, soul, and resulting in Distress word, and he came from blooming: a feeling of abandonment, neglect, loneliness, helplessness you try a limit situation (needs, danger, pain).
In French the word stress does not meet before the twentieth century, but it was used in previous centuries in English.
Early seventeenth century was used to express suffering, deprivation, unhappy experiences, troubles, disasters, adversity, in fact, the consequences of difficult life summarized in one word. In the eighteenth century, however, occurs as evolving semantic shift from emotional consequences of stress at the root of agent: the load which produces a voltage and determines, in a shorter or longer deformation "object" (the metallurgy). At that time it appears that the word stress is often accompanied by the word foreign, which leads to excessive voltage distortion and rupture. 
Extending the analogy reasoning, it was easy to believe that stress, which can deform metals, can also lead to long term, to human beings, somatic diseases or mental, thus passing from a physical design to a medical and psychological outlook. Role emotional factor and the current living conditions are reflected in the development of diseases, from `20 years of our century, the questions asked by doctors, psychoanalysts and psychologists, aiming to: 
- Development of a new general theory of disease; 
- Discovery of a universal medicine.

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