Asigurarea de Cladiri Constructii Echipamente si Altor Bunuri

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Follows our life everyday procuring goods and services or are engaged in society, organizations that provide these things.
Statistical studies regularity reflects the reality evenomentelor production generated by natural or human activity. Uncertainty is that it can not be identified individuals, legal entities (subjects) on which is placed hazard.
The discovery of the first insurance operations, despite efforts by some scientists could not be identified. After prolonged searches however, found evidence of risk sharing operations dating from the same period with the first appearance of organized forms of commerce.
People have realized the dangers they were exposed and tried to protect against them since ancient times. Experience has demonstrated above all, the losses can be easier to bear when imartite several persons, Pima practiced form of protection has been the formation of communities based on common interests and risk dispersion. The disturbances are natural calamities, accidents and certain events that occur in human life. These potential hazards have occurred because tehologiei development, science and human activity.
In countries security developers have become very important branch of national economy, the added value by participating insurance companies to increase produsuli GDP and provides employment.
In the provision of goods, insurance societatatiile undertakes to produce the insured to pay a compensation beneficiary is not required the insurer to pay a full amount because there are provisions in the contract provided confining sima.The guarantee that you have insurance, the man feels free, has more to compliance with an initativa the tasks or to create something new.
Currently in our country practiced a variety of contractual insurance of goods, depending on the nature of risks faced by the goods, the nature of the subject property and property insurance socitatilor. Throughout this paper, we identify criteria mentioned several forms of property insurance.
Secret mysteries of insurance and curiosity led me to study the activity of this sector as well as the other has a history, a obiectiviar for study we chose a leading insurance company Allianz-Tiriac. In the five chapters is given organization, professionalism, quality and products followed by a case study in socitatea Alliaz-Tiriac and finally research findings. So I invite the world to ensure the goods.
Obiectivele mele cu privire la domeniul asigurarii au fost sa cercetez atat practic, cat si teoretic acest vast domeniu, pentru a putea avea cunsostinte cu privire la cuprinsul unei asigurari, adica caracteristicile unui astfel de produs, functii, mecanismul lor, in esenta tot ce este legat de aceasta tema.
Lucrarea este structurata in 3 capitole in care am incercat sa prezint elementele esentiale si fundamentele teoretice ale asigurarilor, precum si contextul istoric si prezent in care se desfasoara activitatea de asigurare. 
Analizarea datelor prin metode statistice si ilustrarea cu ajutorul reprezentarilor grafice a permis evidentierea evolutiei principalilor indicatori ai pietei asigurarilor 
Gradul de penetrare al asigurarilor, capital social etc. Pentru prezentarea evolutiei reale a indicatorilor analiza efectuata a luat in considerare si rata inflatiei.
Rezultatele cercetari sunt prezentate sub forma concluziilor desprinse si directiilor de actiune propuse pentru companiile din domeniul asigurarilor.
Metodele de cercetare utilizate in aceasta lucrare sunt:
- documentare teoretica din cartile de specialitate indicate selectiv in Bibliografie;
- documentare practica prin culegerea de date din Anuarul Statistic al Romaniei si alte publicatii statistice ale Institutului National de Statistica;
- culegera de date prin accesarea diferitelor site-uri ale institutiilor de specialitate;
- sistematizarea datelor in tabele si reprezentarea lor in grafice sugestive;
- analiza comparativa a datelor pe ani si pe cateva tari europene;
- interpretarea rezultatelor;
- formularea de concluzii si propuneri.

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