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According to the design theme, "Dwelling P +2E", and the requirements related to location, nature of the soil, the climate, seismic zone, etc., we have adopted a number of technical solutions to ensure optimal conditions for habitation.
The construction project will be placed in the town of Iasi, Iasi County.
The sizes of the construction are:
- The height is P+2E;
- The dimensions of the construction plan are: 19.55x11.75m (A.1 drawing);
- The land on which construction will be found is located in the town of Iasi.
From the geotechnical study we realize that the land has a slight slope, the groundwater aquifers is at a optimal depth, and therefore it is not necessary for preparatory work for land use planning (retaining walls, drainage, etc.)
At the site there have been executed a number of 3 bores (2 inches each) to identify the bedding and one bore (8 inches) for characterization of the layers encountered in the depth of boreholes.
It is recommended that the building foundation to be placed at the minimum depth of 1.00m below the natural rate of land in the sandy clay layer encountered at this depth, and under the depth of frost zone climate -0.90m, according to R.1 and R.2 drawings.
The structure has been calculated considering also the placement's characteristics at earthquake load according to the P100-1/2006 Normative and NE 019-2003, meaning:
The objective that is to be designed is to be placed in a "C" seismic zone, characterized by 
-Tc - 0.7 s;
-Ground Acceleration Ag=0.2g
-"C" importance category - MLPTL31/N-95
-Msk - seismic grade - VII
-importance class being III- medium (according to STAS 10.100/0-75 - "Principii generale de verificare a sigurantei constructiilor")
-snow load according to STAS 10101/21-92 "C"
-wind loads according to STAS 10101/21-92 "C"
-climatic zone according to STAS 1907/1-97 III
-climatic wind zone according to STAS 1907/1-97 III
-frost depth - 0.90m;
In terms of overall composition of the building, in the form of construction has a regular and compact shape.
Resistance structure is made of reinforced concrete frames, the bearing closing walls will be made from cellular concrete (BCA) of 25cm.
The seismic protection is achieved in the design phase, through:
- Composition of the whole building, so as to obtain a good behavior under the action of earthquakes, with low material damage and loss of life;
- Provide the structure with resistance properties required for resistance, stability, stiffness and ductility provided by according normative.
- The implementation of construction is required to technological standards, the work with quality equipment and materials, according to the rules of the project.
Climatic parameters
The climatic parameters are according to : 
CR 1-1-3-2005 - "Cod de proiectare. Evaluarea actiunii zapezii asupra constructiilor"
As data for the specific zoning of the snow load was considered that the soil with 2% probability of exceedance in a year, and average recurrence interval, IMR = 50 years.
The load of snow on the roof is to be considered depending on roof shape and redistribution of snow due to wind and melting.
Loading of snow is considered as acting vertically on the horizontal projection (mp) of roof surface. The snow load according to Iasi area is 250daN/mp.
NP-082-2004 - "Cod de proiectare. Bazele proiectarii si actiunii asupra constructiilor . Actiunea vantului"
The wind is assessed either by wind pressure or from wind forces on buildings and structures.
Pressure reference value for the area of Iasi is 50daN/mp.

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