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Lucrare de Licenta - Black English in America

BLACK ENGLISH IN AMERICA Introduction Chapter 1: The origin of Black English - definition of the term - historical background - evolution/development Chapter 2: Present - Day Features of Black English - vocabulary - pronunciation - grammar - differences between Black English and Standard English Chapter 3: Expressive language use of Black English - expressive use of Black English in literature and music Chapter 4: Educational issues connected with the use of Black English - attitudes towards this variety - controversies Conclusions References Introduction As a student maj... vezi detalii


Women in The 18th Century - With an Illustration on Richardson, Defoe and Jane Austen

INTRODUCTION Women in the 18th century - the title sounds very alluring, but is it relevant nowadays? Why would be people interested in such a theme? Before arguing the importance of it, I would like to specify that my diploma paper is going to be one of compilation, i.e. the description of the critical vision which I found connected to my subject. What was women's experience of life and the world in the 18-th century in England? Historians believed they knew a great deal about men's lives. But their knowledge of ordinary women, of the majority of the female population, was relatively l... vezi detalii


Translation of Symbolic Realia from The Da Vinci Code

Prezenta teza de licenta reprezinta un studiu bilateral, in care, pe de o parte, se investigheaza specificul notiunii de realie, din punct de vedere lingvistic si pe de alta parte, se studiaza notiunea de simbol in cadrul sistemului semiotic si semantic al limbii. Realiile formeaza o categorie lexicala speciala, care prezinta unele dificultati in procesul de transpunere a lor dintr-o limba in alta. Astfel ca, unul din obiectivele acestei teze este de identifica originea problemelor cauzate de realii in procesul de traducere, de gasi cele mai reusite mijloace de redare a acestor unitati lexi... vezi detalii


High Fructose Corn Syrup

1. INTRODUCTION - SWEETENERS Carbohydrates are important nutrients which are mostly used to supply energy to the body, also a carbon source for synthesis of other needed chemicals. They are often classified according to the number of saccharide units they contain1: - monosaccharides - disaccharides - oligosaccharides - polysaccharides All carbohydrate sweeteners contain primarily sugars and do not provide significant amounts of vitamins and minerals. We value sugar and other natural sweeteners because they enhance taste and enjoyment of a wide variety of nutritious foods. Swe... vezi detalii


Devolution in the United Kingdom

INTRODUCTION Devolution is a major part of the Government's ambitious programme of constitutional reform. It has been described by the Prime Minister as "the biggest programme of change to democracy ever proposed". In a lecture to constitutional experts in December 1998, the Lord Chancellor - Lord Irvine - outlined the Government's programme. As well as devolution it includes: the creation of a city-wide authority for London; the strengthening of regional government in England; the reform of local government; the modernisation of the House of Lords; the reform of the House of Com... vezi detalii


Sexual Anxieties in The English Gothic Novel

Prologue The subject of this work is mainly the sexual anxieties presented by English writers of Gothic literature, more specifically, in the English Gothic novel, written in England between 1760-1820. I have said mainly because I have also approached a number of other topics related to the main one, in a more restrained manner. One of these so-called minor topics that has interested me in a special way is the relation that women writers had with the Gothic novel and the way they expressed their dissatisfaction with the times of patriarchy in which they lived, their fears when facing this ... vezi detalii


Hemingway-s Sensibility - Heroes in his War Novels

Introduction I have always considered American literature captivating, although it is one of the world's youngest literatures. This literature has achieved its own independence and vigor, even though many saw it over part of its evolution, as an extension of English literature. Especially in the years since World War II, both in the United States and in other countries, the interest in American writers seems to have increased greatly. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries the United States produced only a small number of writers the world has heard of. In the nineteenth century the n... vezi detalii


The Lexico-Semantic Group of Verbs for Different Sorts of Light

INTRODUCTION The present research project is devoted to the problem of synonyms in Modern English. I find it very interesting to investigate this problem because synonymy seems to be one of the most controversial problems in modern linguistics. The very existence of words traditionally called synonyms is disputed by some linguists; the nature and essence of the relationships of these words is hotly debated and treated by the representatives of different linguistic schools. One of the objectives of this investigation is to give a thourough characterization of synonyms. Chapter I deals wit... vezi detalii


Proiectarea unui Sistem Variabil de Supraalimentare Acustica

Abstract In this graduate project it is desired to project a variable acoustical supercharging intake system. To analyze the performances of this system it must be mounted on an engine. For this it is chosen a natural aspirated spark ignition engine. The initial dimensioning starts with the one dimensional analysis in AMESim program, also from hear it is obtained the initial dimensioning of the SI engine. After obtaining the main dimension of the engine and the variable supercharging intake system a CAD design is made using the CATIA V5R16 and several parts of the engine will be analyzed... vezi detalii


Business English Metaphors

INTRODUCTION This paper analyses the role of metaphors in business culture. As an abstract field of discourse, the world of business makes use of a remarkable variety of more concrete, every day lexis to explain complex interrelations. Words and phrases from one semantic field are used to function in another area: business discourse. In short, business communication seems to live by metaphors. In order to make themselves understood and successfully communicate in international business, interlocutors need to make use of, namely decode and encode adequate figurative language. Acquiring the ... vezi detalii

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