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The Relations Between European Union and Libya

I.1 General Context Libya, like so many Third World countries, is still struggling with its past. Its new leaders are constantly emulating its old leaders, its new battles are a continuation of old wars, and its new achievements are the glorification of past achievements . I decided to begin this chapter with the quote of Mansour O. El-Kikhia because it best highlights the close connection between the past and the present of Libya, which in my opinion is an interlinked process. From my point of view, the present-Libya is mirroring the past Libya. 'Libya (the Great Socialist People's Libya... vezi detalii


Irony and Satire in O'Henry Short Stories

Introduction The present paper is entitled "Irony and Satire in O'Henry's Short Stories". The theoretical foundation of this work is Professor Thirwall. C "On the Irony of Sophocles", D. C. Muecke "The Compass of Irony", Howard D. Weinbrot "Eighteenth-Century Satire". Of course some other sources were also used (S. Kierkegaard, Collins, Lockwood Thomas etc.). In accordance with all the information gathered for this paper its aim is to be stated: to describe and specify irony and satire as stylistic devices, to establish their characteristics and fu... vezi detalii


Education System in UK

INTRODUCTION EDUCATION SYSTEMS IN UK I thought about this issue a license because many of my colleagues chose to study in the United Kingdom. So far he has aroused some curiosity. English educational system is even better? So I did a little research / comparison of UK educational system and Romania education system. Educations have always been a controversial issue. There has been a major upheaval in recent years with the introductions of a new exam system and national curriculum in the late eighties, followed by the publications of school league tables in the early nineties. There is a ... vezi detalii


Human Resources Strategies Of The Universities System of Brasov

Introduction I have been chosen my graduation paper theme about human resources strategies because in my opinion these strategies can bring the success of an organization. Human resources are the most important resources in an organization and managers must take into account this fact. The success of an organization depends directly by the quality of the human resources. Strategies in human resources can bring to an organization a good image and also brand recognition. I chose to make my research about these strategies in the education university system because the quality of the human... vezi detalii


English-Romanian Glossary on Biometrics

I Introduction pag.4 1: What Biometrics Are and Who's Using Them pag. 5 1.1: How Biometric Systems Work pag. 7 1.2: Characteristics of Biometric Systems pag. 8 1.3: Benefits of Biometric Systems pag. 9 1.4: Selecting and Implementing a Biometric System... pag. 9 2. Types of Biometrics pag. 10 2.1: Fingerprint and Hand Biometrics pag. 10 2.2: Palm Scan pag. 12 2.3: Hand Veins pag. 14 2.4: Sonar / Ultrasonic pag. 15 2.5: Signature Biometrics pag. 16 2.6: Retina and Facial Biometrics pag. 18 2.7: Iris Scanning pag. 20 2.8: Facial Imaging pag. 21 2.9: Recognizing Ears pag. 23 2.... vezi detalii


Change Management

ABSTRACT This study shows how change management techniques and strategies can be used to develop social entrepreneurship campaigns in the field of ecology. This paper enriches the literature on change management as it shows how different change management techniques such as John Kotter's 8-Step Change Model can be used on a macro level. The case study on which this paper is based on represents the activity done by "My Tree" Association (translated from Romanian "Asociatia Copacul Meu") in response to several years of mismanagement of the public parks and indifferent of... vezi detalii



Introduction What makes a Business "Franchisable?" Most businesses are capable of being franchised. If it makes business sense for a business owner to consider opening additional outlets as company-owned units, it usually makes business sense to open outlets as franchises. Ideally, before a business is franchised it should have been operating long enough to have proven its commercial attractiveness, worked out most of its kinks, be somewhat unique in the view of the consuming public, be capable of being duplicated, not be dependent on the personality or unique skills of its f... vezi detalii


Non-formal education in teaching english

Introduction Why have I chosen this subject ?, is a very simple question with a simple answer, because I feel I can do more than just formal teaching and I want to be able to explain what every type of education means and how we can incorporate all of the types for our message to be understood. I become a teacher because I felt I was able to help children learn and I wanted to give something back to the community I grow up in. As I knew from the beginning , teaching is not easy. I consider myself a good hard-working student , but it was hard to keep up with the formal learning, I always had... vezi detalii


Industrialization in the Victorian Era

Introduction A novelist who knew how to picture everyday life in an impressive blend of reality, humour, and striking details is one of many statements that could characterize Victorian literature's greatest creator of human life, Charles Dickens. Being a sharp social critic and an avid observer of society, the novelist succeeds in helping his readers understand the goods or the evils of the world, illustrated through the means of eye-opening pieces of art, an appropriate equivalent for his novels. The present paper attempts to analyze the process of Industrialization in England and its eff... vezi detalii

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