Folosirea analizei competiției în implementarea strategiilor de marketing

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After 22 years of economical and market development, Romanian companies face a new challenge: the tough competition and the battle for the customers. The Romanian enterprises will have to learn not only how to attract customers, but also to survive the price wars. Therefore, the topic of this research paper is one of major importance in the economic sphere both nationally and internationally. Within a market that is continuously changing, it is vital for a company to re-assess its competitors on an ongoing basis. Tracking competition is an important part in assuring that the marketing messages clearly differentiate companies and their products from one another in the market. Using competitive analysis as the key issue of marketing strategy is a fundamental step in positioning a company for success. 
This research paper combines the theoretical concepts and practical observations in three chapters besides introduction and conclusions. The first chapter represents the conceptual component of this thesis. Firstly it describes the topic of the present study and its importance in the context of economic sphere. Secondly it presents the basic theoretical concepts of competition, competition analysis, the forces that influence competition and the way these concepts integrate in the present research paper. Given the complexity of markets and competitive conditions, the fundamental assumption by researchers in strategy and related disciplines has been that no universal set of strategic choices exists that is optimal for all businesses but in essence, corporate or business strategy is based on the effectiveness of a organization matches structural and environmental variables. The second chapter, therefore, focuses on the relationship between competition analysis and the organization’s strategic response, moreover the way this analysis can be used in building strategies. Third chapter represents the applicative part, it illustrates a case-study upon SC Titan SA, in order to have a more clear view of competitions’ strategic role in an actual business. Firstly it gives a description about the company, its history, evolution and its competitiveness on the market. Secondly it offers a complete analysis of the industry on which is carrying its activity, the competition analysis and the forces that pose a threat on the its activity and finally it shows the strategic response of the company in dealing with competition and achieving its objectives.
The research method used in conducting this thesis was a method of intersection, method which combines the qualitative and the quantitative method. Personal observations, contextual analysis were developed through theoretical models, and data obtained by screening the internet. 
Steps in conducting the research :
- Defining the competition and marketing strategies concepts; 
- Establish the work hypothesis: using competitive analysis in building marketing strategies; 
- Choosing intersection method as research method
- Actual research by continuous tracking both the company’s site and of its main competitors’; media articles: specialized journals, press releases, events; using statistical information from the National Institute of Statistics; theoretical research using both national and international bibliography; 
- Processing and analyzing data gathered through research
- Interpreting results, underling conclusions and giving recommendations
Chapter 1 – Dealing with competition 
Today, businesses around the world, both large and small, cannot ignore the impact that the global economy is having on their performance. Globalization, the internet, and information transparency have led to an increasingly mobile workforce, ever more peaky customers, and rapidly changing technologies and business models. One result of this obviously unmerciful trend is that companies are less able to predict the short-term shape of their own markets. 
As a result, more and more organizations are choosing to adopt a marketing-led philosophy to enable them to win market share and capture and retain the hearts and minds of current and prospective customers. Marketing is becoming more important as organizations around the world strive to develop products and services that appeal to their customers and aim to differentiate their offering in the increasingly-crowded global marketplace.
These complex issues increased the need for effective competition analysis. Many experts have different definitions of competition. Often, managers define competition too narrowly, as if it occurred only among today’s direct competitors. To some, competition just needlessly reduces profits. To others, competition is the worst thing to happen to their business but as Philip Kotler mentioned in the book Marketing Management, “competition refers to an open market rivalry in which every seller tries to get what other sellers are seeking at the same time-sales, profit, and market share by offering the best practicable combination of price, quality and service. Where the market competition flows freely, competition plays a regulatory function in balancing demand and supply.” Obviously understanding competition and dealing with it can really mean the survival of the company because competition will always be an ever present reality and more than that it is very important for every business person to understand the strategic role competition plays regarding business survival as economies become very unstable and markets become very turbulent.

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